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Levels and Divisions

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For purposes of judging and awards, projects are grouped into levels, based on the grade you're in, and divisions, based on the subject area of your project.


Students compete primarily with others in their own level, although judging for some awards (e.g. trip awards, best in division) is done across levels. Note that students working in pairs must both be in the same level.  The three levels are:

  1. Junior Level - Grades 7 & 8
  2. Intermediate Level - Grades 9 & 10
  3. Senior Level - Grades 11 & 12


Projects must be entered in one of the following six (6)divisions. If you are unsure as to the division into which the project should be submitted, either choose the nearest fit or contact the chief judge . Note that the Chief Judge may recommend a change of division to allow for the fairest adjudication of the students' work.
Note: the links to detailed descriptions point to the BASEF 2009 site temporarily.


Life Science

A Life Science project examines some aspect of the life or lifestyle of a non-human organism.


Biotechnology is the application of knowledge of biological systems to solve a problem, create a product or provide a service.   Biotechnology projects will fall into one of three subject fields:  crop development, animal science, and microbials.

Health Sciences

Health Sciences project examines some biomedical and/or clinical aspect of human life or lifestyle and its translation into improved health for humans, or more effective health services and products.

Physical and Mathematical Sciences

A Physical and Mathematical Sciences project studies abiotic phenomenon to understand the relation between identified factors, perhaps including a cause and effect relationship, or the use of mathematical models or mathematics to solve theoretical problems.

Engineering and Computing Sciences

A Engineering and Computing Sciences project applies physical science knowledge to solve a problem or achieve a purpose, or deals with computing or an innovative software or hardware design.

Earth and Environmental Sciences

An Earth and Environmental Sciences project has as its focus either a topic relating to planetary processes or the relationships of organisms to those processes, or between or among organisms.